Animation - Effect Options

Slide Show > Custom Animation


Sets the direction of the animation applied to the slide or adds sound options. You can grab the audience's attention and enhance the effect of your presentation if you add cheering, applause, laughing or the sound of bells.

To add effects using effect options, animation must be applied to the text or object.

▶How To

  1. Click the items to apply additional effects from the custom animation list in the customized animation task pane. When the custom animation task pane is not displayed, click Slide Show > Custom Animation first.

  2. If the menu with timing and effect options appears when you click the arrow on the right of the selected item, click Effect Options.


  1. In the following dialog box, select options as necessary.



 Different properties will be displayed such as direction, font, depending on the selected effect.


 Sound: Click the arrow on the sound list and select the sound you want.


The animation effect cannot be seen from the Slide Sorter view.

Animation effect can be set for each object.

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